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How to register?

In order to start working with TicketForEvent Lite service you need to fill in just 5 lines in the registration form, afterwards create an event in the personal account, indicate your PayPal account (as a rule, it's a login which coincides with the e-mail address registered within this service), place the ticket purchase form on the website of the event, other web-sources, social networks and start selling tickets or use the event page provided by TicketForEvent Lite.


What payment options can I offer to my visitors?

Offer your visitors some convenient payment methods:

  1. Bank card
  2. Payment with a PayPal account
  3. Invoice with your bank details. An invoice is generated and sent to the participants automatically.

You'll be receiving payments through PayPal and Yandex.Money.


Service creation

How to create an event?

After the registration you will be forwarded to the event creation page, where you enter the information about your event, its venue and ticket types. Once you do it, you will be offered to check the list of useful tips to improve sale rates of tickets to your event. Don't miss this opportunity.


How much time will you need to install the service?

The service installation won't take more than 5 minutes. When your event is created, you need to copy an automatically generated button code, a widget and add them to your web-site, other web-sources and social networks.

If you host several events and sell tickets to them, you can present them in the form of a list offering a possibility to buy tickets.

You will receive all the guidelines concerning the placement of buttons and links by e-mail.


For organisers

How can one secure himself from the ticket forgery?

You shouldn't be worried since every electronic ticket is protected against copying by a unique barcode and QR-code which can't be forged. At the entrance they are picked up by a web-camera, a scanner or a mobile phone.


How are the visitors controlled at the entrance?

In order to organize check-in at the entrance you will need a computer, a free program «TFE Entry Management Tool» which you can download in your personal account as well as a web-camera / scanner / mobile phone to pick up unique barcodes and QR-codes from every ticket.

You can control visitors who enter and leave both having and not having an access to the Internet. You may also synchronize several entrances which will let you avoid long lines at the entrance and keep your visitors in high spirits.


Where can I get the scanner for tickets?

If you don't have a scanner, we can rent it out to you. Write a request to our e-mail address and indicate the name of the event and the date, but please, at least one week in advance.


Where do the ticket payments proceed?

The receipt of funds depends on the payment method chosen by the buyer:

  1. If a buyer pays with a bank card or with a PayPal account (Yandex.Money account) the money is credited to your PayPal account (Yandex.Money account).
  2. If a buyer meets an invoice, the money is credited to the requisite details which you stated in your account.
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